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For Volunteers and Donators

This platform, Ubuntu HK, is designed to connect volunteers with any organizations or NGOs they would like to help with volunteering or donating certain supplies. During this unprecedented time of a global pandemic, we should definitely give a lot of attention and aid to the charities and organizations that continue to work with local communities for their wellbeing. This platform was also started to reduce the problems and difficulties that NGOs are facing because of a lack of volunteers due to the Covid-19 situation. 

  • Find the right charity/organization/NGO that you would want to contribute and help in

  • Create an account and profile to manage which organizations you are interested in and any upcoming opportunities

  • Explore a page with all of the upcoming events and positions that local charities are organizing or hosting (eg. internships, donations, volunteers)

  • A more seamless and easy process to find volunteering opportunities at any time of the year

For NGOs/charities/organizations

Our aim for local organizations is to provide them with another platform and stream of volunteers that they can tap into and utilize to better the community. NGOs will be linked onto the website and have access to any volunteers contacts that decide to join certain events. During this time of a global pandemic and various social distancing rules, NGOs and local organizations can find it difficult to find volunteers and people to help with their daily routines or events, so we must give every possible chance to help our close community.

  • A data base compilation of all NGOs and organizations in specific fields in Hong Kong to allow easier navigation

  • A page to explore all opportunities and events hosted by your NGO and allow volunteers to directly contact or sign up on the Ubuntu HK platform

  • Form another stream of volunteers through this platform and tap into various demographics such as age range and experience

  • Work alongside other local organizations to better the community and show the impact of our actions 

  • Assign tasks and information on the events to inform the volunteers about their job and a brief description on their daily tasks