About us

About the Founder:

I am Arunav Mathur, the developer and founder of Ubuntu HK. I am a Grade 12 student at the Hong Kong International School and an avid volunteer amongst various service initiatives and local NGOs.


The idea for Ubuntu HK began when I was contacting NGOs last year looking for oppoturnties to help out during the summer. I took me several days to find NGOs that were giving internships and volunteering jobs. After that experience, I wanted to make a change and create a more seamless process for people wanting to volunteer at nonprofits. I believe that someone should not have to go through so much trouble to participate in something that is vital to our community. That was when I started to work on Ubuntu HK, an online platform that makes volunteering and donations an easier process.


With a powerful world like 'Ubuntu' which means 'a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity', I strive to create a community that helps and contributes to the well-being of our society. Derived from African philosophy, ubuntu also means 'I am because you are' which literally means that a person is a person through other people. 

Our success:


Our founder, Arunav Mathur, with Mr. Jaya Raju Darsi from Be The Change HK, one of our sponsored NGOs


Ubuntu HK has seen a large amount of growth and amazing feedback from our users. We have been getting constant sign-ups from various volunteers across Hong Kong and great feedback from the NGOs and charities. 

Since our launch, we have had volunteers donate equipment such as stationary, art equipment, food staples, and electronics with combined values of $147,000 HKD (as of March 2021). During Covid-19, we been able to change our system to in-kind donations too and have empowered over 3,000+ children at fifteen NGOs through donations by our members. These funds have been of great help to various charities focused on child welfare and the education of the less fortunate. 

We have also been featured on various news outlets and magazines. Recently, Ubuntu HK has been in the spotlight on the South China Morning Post, the national newspaper of Hong Kong (link to article). We have also been featured on Beyond the Boundaries, one of the largest magazines in Hong Kong (link to article).

Volunteer from Ubuntu HK helping at our partnered NGO: Feeding HK, one of the largest food charities in the city