Ubuntu HK

What is UBUNTU HK?

Ubuntu HK is an online platform that aims to connect volunteers in Hong Kong with local NGOs and provides an opportunity for volunteering with these local organizations. We strive to help small and medium size NGOs by developing another stream of volunteers and ensuring they are being sufficient help. With more people becoming aware of the impacts of NGOs, our aim is to bridge the gap between volunteers and these organizations to make the field of volunteering easier and more empowering. This platform has a succinct and organized interface for both users and NGOs.

Connecting volunteers

We provide a platform where volunteers won't find it difficult to connect with local organizations for a cause that is vital to all of us. Volunteering as an activity that should be promoted and encouraged in all communities. Join a local NGO and begin your volunteer experience.

Empowering local NGOS & organizations

Local organizations and NGOs are such a big part of the community and we as individuals should make every push to volunteer and donate to these initiatives. In an unprecedented time of Covid-19, these organizations may struggle to find volunteers and our goal on this platform is to make that process seamless for them.


As a platform we ensure every possible stream of help for these local organizations, even through donations. Some people may not have time to volunteers, so we set up a system to inform the community which supplies certain local organizations need and their address, which allows easy and succinct drop-off for personal supplies.